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Document Control Tip

One of my pet hates is when I see project information saved in so many places.

If this sounds familiar, your project is at risk as there will be a lack of traceability and version control which could cause all sorts of problems. Also, think of the time you are wasting searching for information!

Find one storage solution that fits all of your project needs. As a bare minimum look for something that has;

✔️ Unlimited Storage

✔️ Availability 24 Hours a day

✔️ Permission controls

✔️ Ease of use

If you have more of a budget then I also suggest finding a solution that has;

✔️ Availability offline

✔️ Capability to make and track revisions

✔️ Means to streamline processes

✔️ Ability to view / mark-up all file types without expensive software

✔️ Availability for unlimited users

Need help?

☎️ 07517 207004


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