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Top 3 reasons why I love my job!

Regulating and controlling project information, what is there to love about that?

For someone like me that thrives on efficiency and organisation, what is not to love?

The top three things I love about what I do;

1. Creating consistency: when I start a project or start working with a new organisation this is the first thing I look at. Templates, processes and procedures need to be consistent. When I see the end result it makes me smile!

2. Improving Traceability: Every project needs to ensure there is full traceability across all documents and processes. The flow of what happens information, when, why and how is so important in a project environment. You don’t need expensive software to do this. I love to train teams on best practices that greatly enhance traceability.

3. Implementing Software: Over the past 18 months I have experienced the best that the industry has to offer in terms of CDE’s and also those that aren’t so good. I hear from contractors on a regular basis that buy an expensive platform and expect miracles to happen. That just isn’t the reality! I love putting an implementation plan in place to ensure the system gains momentum and when it transforms construction projects, you get a great buzz from seeing the system that it becomes!

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