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Working Remotely:

Top 5 hacks for working remotely

With an increase in teams working from home permanently, some of my networks have reached out to ask if I had any tips for working remotely. My top 5:

1. Designate a workspace – Find a space next to a window if you can. Sunlight can help to lighten the mood. Keep it clean and clutter free. Don’t try to work from bed or the couch. Those spaces should be for relaxing! 2. Create a schedule and stick to it – Try to establish a consistent routine as I find this helps to boost productivity. 3. Take regular breaks – Taking breaks is proven to renew your focus and energy! If you can, try to take a short 20-minute walk at lunch time in the fresh air. 4. Avoid distractions – Turn off any unwanted push notifications on your phone / computer. Check your emails at set times during the day as sometimes this promotes switch tasking which isn’t good for productivity. 5. Communicate with your teams – This is the backbone of remote working. Share your schedule team, when you finish an important task let your team know and if you are having any problems, ask for help.

Sticking to some of these work from home tips will help to ensure that remote working works for you! #remoteworking #tips #entrepreneurship #workfromhome #digitalnomad

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