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Construction Safety Week - Safety First?

“Committed to eliminating accidents and incidents on our sites…”👷‍♀️ 👷‍♂️

“Health & Safety matters”…⚠️

“Safety First”…⛑

Just some of the things I have read this week from Construction companies pledging their allegiance to all thing’s Health & Safety.

The biggest lesson that I have learned since I started out on this journey to promote Document Control throughout the UK & Ireland, is that there is still a lack of emphasis placed on the importance of up-to-date Construction documentation & how that plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the Construction workforce.

❗️ If you do not have clear processes & procedures in place to manage Construction documentation you are at risk. Accidents happen everyday throughout the world relating to Construction teams installing systems working from obsolete documentation. Making decisions based on incorrect information can have devastating consequences.❗️

If you are serious about Health & Safety, please contact me. I can review your processes to ensure that the latest information is available to your teams at all times. I can help you to set up approval systems to ensure your documentation is compliant prior to installations.

Contact me today;

☎️: 07517 207004

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