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What is Document Control?​

Want to find out exactly what Document Control is & how can it add value to your business? Read on...

Document Control is a Document Management profession, which regulates and controls documents throughout their life cycle.

The purpose of Document Control within a company is to set and enforce the controlled processes and practices for the identification, compliance, control, distribution and accessibility of documents.

If your company doesn't have Document Control procedures and trained Document Control personnel your company may be at risk;

  • Site teams may be working to out-of-date versions which may result in poor qualtiy installations and have the potential to cause serious financial loss.

  • Time & resources are being wasted searching for documents that aren't clearly identified / numbered.

  • You may be releasing documents that haven't been reviewed internally and could potentially be incorrect.

  • You have the potential to fail a quality audit such as ISO 9001.

  • Documents may be distributed incorrectly and potentially fall into the wrong hands.

  • Your organisation doesn't look like a professional company as there is a lack of uniformity.

  • You aren't following industry standards such as BS 1192 or the all new ISO 19650.

  • Your company is not maximising on opportunities; instead you may lose tenders and the opportunity to work with new / repeat clients.

Reading this and thinking that this all sounds very familiar? You are not alone. Doc Elite can help. We can;

  • Assess your specific business and project needs to deliver a Document Control training course at your business.

  • Set up procedures in line with current industry standards.

  • Set up filing structures and workflows to ensure the control of your project documentation.

  • Advise and assist your business to set up an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) if required.

  • Conduct a full audit of your current system and provide comprehensive results that may protect your business.

  • Review and revise current templates to ensure compliance with industry best practices.

Ensure that your business is maximising on an opportunity for growth. Let us help to take your business to the next level. Contact Catherine at Doc Elite to find out more.

Let Doc Elite help to take your business to the next level.

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