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Do you often feel overwhelmed?

The #1 mindset block that some of my Document Control students struggle with is feeling overwhelmed.

If anyone can put there hand up and say they have never felt overwhelmed - they are lying!!

Every Document Controller I have ever worked with has always said just how busy the role can be. Often we are managing large projects (sometimes more than 1), with high risk and many project team members to answer to. It is natural to feel this way and sometimes we feel like we are drowning in our to-do lists.

If you are feeling overwhelmed today I have some tips for you:

❇️ Get up from your desk and take 5 minutes in the fresh air to clear your head.

❇️ Make a plan and prioritise what has to be done first.

❇️ Speak to your colleagues and ask for help.

❇️ Start to set boundaries - Communicate upfront and say NO if you need to.

❇️ If you are struggling with a particular aspect of your job ask for training.

❇️ Most importantly BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

Remember to take a step back and systematically work through what’s truly important to you. You will soon be on top again!

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