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Cultural Barriers in Digitisation

‘I’ve done it my way for 30 years and I don’t want to change now!’

‘I don’t have time and patience to learn that system!’

Just some of the things I’ve heard said about introducing new Common Data Environments or Information Management procedures. Culture barriers is often one of my greatest challenges but one I actually enjoy!

So how do I overcome this? Well firstly, change comes from the top. The Directors / Senior Managers must champion digital transformation or it simply cannot happen successfully and it will not gain momentum. When I say champion - I mean it. Don’t just talk about it. Know the systems, know the procedures and only accept things following the new way of working!

Secondly, involve your people in the changes. Before you invest in a new system ask your people what they want, what is working for them and what’s not. Get them to test your procedures and systems. Ask for feedback. Even if you don’t take all the feedback on board they generally feel part of the digital decisions.

Thirdly, focus on how those systems add value to their daily jobs. How will it help them? Communicate this message over and over again - staff newsletters, emails, notice boards, training sessions. Your teams want to know what is in it for them!

Lastly and very importantly - report! Report frequently on user statistics, look for trends, identify areas of concern and this will help to continually improve! Digital is moving fast and we need to keep up-to-date.

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