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Evaluating your Document Control System!

Do you take time to evaluate your Document Control system and procedures?

As a method of continuous improvement it is important to evaluate. Every Document Control system should have a documented goal that is unique to the project / organisation and that may evolve as the business grows. An example of a recent goal for one of my clients was: ‘To improve searchability, process improvement and security across all projects.’

Gather your teams together and encourage them to be honest about what is working well and any daily frustrations.

As a minimum, ensure that:

✅ Procedures are being followed

✅ The latest project information is available

✅ It is easy to find information

✅ Permissions are controlled effectively

✅ Training needs are identified

✅ Usage statistics are evaluated (if using an electronic document management system).

Update your system and procedures accordingly and ensure that the next review date is added to your calendar.

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