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Document Control with Doc Elite

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Did you know that we offer Outsourced Document Control services for Construction Projects?

Outsourced services include:

● Set up your chosen Document Control Platform based on industry best practices & extensive systems knowledge.

● Create project numbering & identification processes in line with current industry standards.

● Create & implement project-specific procedures & system user guides.

● Create quality templates to ensure project consistency & promote quality.

● Administrate your choice of Document Control software.

● Quality Check all documents to ensure that only documents that follow requirements are released.

● Manage version control & ensure the latest information is always available.

● Manage user access & permissions.

● Train project team members / new starts.

● Ensure the project team can contact Doc Elite when help is required.

● Provide reports on the status of documents.

● Attend meetings when required.

Results include:

✔️ Access to Skilled Expertise

✔️ Time Savings

✔️ Enhanced Quality

✔️ Cost Savings

✔️ Traceability

✔️ Information Security

✔️ Increased Customer Satisfaction

✔️ Flexibility

Contact us to find out more:

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