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Document Management - Why Outsource?

As a specialist in Outsourced Document Control, I can see why a lot more construction companies are jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon.

The results are there for all to see: Access to a Skilled Expert - A system that isn’t set up or managed correctly will never gain respect and will end up costing you money in the long term. As an expert in the field, I know what works and simply, what doesn’t. Time Savings - Expert systems knowledge enables faster set up and efficient Document Control throughout. Enhanced Quality - Systems are set up correctly and everything is QA checked. Construction teams are working to the most recent versions enhancing quality and lessoning rework. Cost Savings - All users have access to the latest project information ensuring the project is built accordingly. Traceability - All project information is fully traceable. Information Security - The systems are set up by an expert and managed daily. Only the correct people / organisations have access to the correct information - there is no room for error with this! Clear Communication - Information is clearly communicated to all project team members and reports can be provided to enhance project communication. Specialist Training/Support - Everyone within your organisation/ project will be trained on how to use the Common Data Environment effectively. Doc Elite can offer full support services to ensure that help is at hand. Increased Customer Satisfaction - Information is easy to find, communication is enhanced, cost savings are achieved, and everyone is happy (most of the time!) Flexibility to start and stop at any time.

I only wish I had this Informational Management 13 years ago when I was starting out in my career! I would have saved myself a lot of time & effort!

Contact me directly to find out more about our outsourced packages:

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