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Project Safety Compromised by Poor Document Control

When consulting with clients and conducting training courses, I like to discuss the importance of Document Control and I always notice that they are surprised when I talk about safety.

As we know safety is one of the most important aspects on any Construction site. Working to out of date documents can result in serious injury and even death.

Even in the most disciplined environments people overlook the importance of Document Control, deadlines often become priority and standards start to slip. Another example of this is rejected documents that are readily available to project teams.

Thankfully more emphasis is being put on Document Control and Digital Construction. Organisations are realising that it is a crucial role which can really enhance a project in so many ways, including project safety.

If you are reading this and thinking 'I don't know where to start...'💭 I suggest you start with a Document Control procedure that clearly identifies the role of Document Control within your organisation. Invest in your team and ensure they are credible in their field and are familiar with industry best practices.

I can help. Training dates available from September 2020.

☎️: 07517 207004

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