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Emails make collaboration difficult!

It is astonishing that some projects still use emails to manage project information! This can create all sorts of confusion including:

1. Version Control Chaos - Your teams may refer to an old email with an outdated attachment, thinking they are viewing or working on the most updated version. This can lead to quality issues, delays, health and safety issues, miscommunication and ultimately ending in rework!

2. Confidentiality Problems - Email is uncontrolled. When you click ‘send’ your one-of-a-kind designs and hard work can be forwarded to anyone.

3. Inefficient and untraceable approval processes - You may have people on your team who might not even open your emails and it is difficult to keep track of who has approved items and follow up with those who haven’t. It shouldn’t be relied upon for approving documents.

Relying on emails to share documents is outdated and inefficient. There are many widely available tools that enable project collaboration and ensure version control, promote confidentiality, and have effective workflow capabilities.

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