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Go for it...

This time 3 years ago, I had a meeting with Joe McCoubrey from Down Business Centre as part of the 'Go for it' programme. For over a year I had my business idea, but I was too nervous to share it with anyone and at that time I wasn't even sure if I could pull it off.

As soon as I discussed it with Joe, I left the room knowing I was going to pursue it. Joe made me feel at ease and assured me that the my idea was infact viable and more than that really. He helped me to put a business plan and strategy in place, whilst also giving me the confidence boost that I needed to take the first step and the rest is history.

If you are sitting on the fence with a business idea but aren't sure of the next steps, I highly recommend the 'Go for it' programme, and for anyone local, Down Business Centre.

'Go for it.'

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