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MShed is complete!

We were pleased to partner with Luddon Construction Limited to deliver the Information Management System for a Warehouse project at the Port of Grangemouth for Forth Ports Ltd. Forth Ports Grangemouth is Scotland’s largest port providing a gateway for Scottish trade, the port facilitates the flow of more than £6 billion worth of goods each year including fine food and drink, machinery, fuel, steel products, timber, paper and equipment for the oil and gas industry. This project was for the delivery of a Design and Build of a 200,000ft2 warehouse and associated infrastructure.

Just over 12 months ago the client selected Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Build to manage project information. We set up the system successfully, trained team members on the platform and managed the system for the duration of the contract. We were on hand to answer any queries from our project team throughout and we provided regular reports that enhanced project collaboration and c

ommunication throughout. Thank you to Luddon Construction for their support throughout. #construction #documentcontrol #projectmanagement #Informationmanagement #digitalconstruction #consulting #collaboration

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