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My Top 5 Training Tips!

Delivering training is an essential part of Document Control. You may need to step out of your comfort zone to deliver training on procedures or your Document Management system.

This is often an area some of my students struggle with. Fear not - I have devised my 5 top training tips to help:

❇️ Find out specifics - Prior to your training session it may be good to complete a training needs analysis with your trainee. Find out exactly what they need to cover.

❇️ Be prepared - Book a training room, ensure the correct equipment is available, make sure everything is working correctly. Know the subject and own it!

❇️ Share the motivating factors - Make sure your trainee leaves your training knowing exactly why Document Control is important in your project (Quality. Uniformity. Entirety. Safety. Traceability) Learners will pay attention when they see how the training can help solve their problems!

❇️ Encourage Collaboration - Use live scenarios that encourage conversations. Trainees can learn from each other and you may find out unique insights.

❇️ Ask for feedback - Record the sessions and ask for feedback. We can all find ways to improve!

You have got this!

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