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Resistance to Change.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Sometimes when introducing new Document Control software or procedures you may come up against resistance.

Often individuals or teams are reluctant to change the way they are doing things and this can lead to ineffective procedures or systems.

There are some things you can to create ‘buy-in’ and bring your teams with you on that change journey:

1. Ensure senior managers champion your systems and procedures. They must follow them and encourage everyone to do the same for them to gain momentum.

2. Involve your team’s in the process. When drafting procedures or improving systems, speak to your teams on the ground. Find out what works for them and what their frustrations are. This alone will help them to feel involved.

3. Report. Identify who your highest users are and those who are working hard to follow procedures. Offering small incentives can help e.g. Send a treat to the site with the highest system usage in a given month.

4. Communicate exactly why Document Control procedures exist and why you are introducing systems. Don’t forget your QUEST - Quality, Uniformity, Entirety, Safety & Traceability! Tell everyone about it.

5. Know your rules / procedures and own them. You can’t expect others to follow them if you don’t - consistency is key to success.

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