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Selecting Common Data Environments

A Common Data Environment (CDE) that isn’t set up effectively or managed correctly will not gain momentum.

I often get calls and messages from construction organisations who have selected a Common Data Environment that firstly doesn’t suit their needs. They then persist to set up the system with little knowledge on best practice and expect it to work miracles. They sometimes don’t have an effective implementation plan or procedures and the system fall’s flat when it comes to delivering!

When you are selecting a Common Data Environment, ask a skilled expert like us to help. We will tell you exactly what you are buying. We do not receive any money for making a recommendation as we have chosen not to partner with any platforms and therefore remain impartial.

We can also help to put a plan in place to ensure the system is set up effectively and evaluate it often to ensure it keeps growing with your project and company needs.

Don’t take shortcuts as it will end up costing you money in the long term!

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