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Setting up Document Control for a new project? Read on...

Before a new project starts, it is the responsibility of Document Control to set up rules, processes and resources early to ensure credible Document Control throughout.

A good Document Controller will understand that no project is exactly the same. Project size and scope, client culture and contractual agreements should be taken into consideration early.

Some key points for Document Control teams to consider before a project commences;

  • Ensure a Document Control representative from your company is represented during the initial 'kick-off' meeting. The project scope, programme and project controls are usually discussed. This is a good opportunity to discuss processes / workflows with the project team.

  • Consider your current templates, processes and numbering protocol. They will need to be revised to meet the scope of the project and the specific client requirements.

  • When you have a set of agreed project procedures, ensure that these rules are clear, documented and recognised by all parties. I would strongly recommend sitting down with your internal team to ensure everyone has understood the Document Control requirements and provide further training if required.

  • Work with your team to ensure project deliverable's are identified, recorded and shared with all parties.

  • Monitor and assist project users closely during the first month of the project to ensure procedures are being followed.

Document Control plays a major role in managing a construction project effectively. A comprehensive document management system and set procedures will help you mitigate risk and avoid claims. Take important steps in ensuring that your firm has adequate project Document Control. Contact Doc Elite for professional experience and training.

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