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Struggling to manage project documents? Read my top 5 Document Control Tips.

Do you work as a Document Controller? Or perhaps you own your own business in the Construction Industry and you need some tips to help you organise your project documents - if so read on;

My 5 top Document Control Tips;

1. If you don't have a Document Control Procedure, create one. Identify the role of Document Control in your organisation. Identify how project documents are numbered, stored, released, recorded & retrieved. Set project templates & use them. If you have procedures - know them!

2. Think of the Document Controllers role as the 'Document Police'. Only the Documents that comply with the procedures identified should be released. The Document Controller should reject items that do not meet procedures. Record all non-conformance's to enable corrective actions to take place e.g. staff training.

3. Learn. Learn. Learn. When I started out as a Document Controller I asked a lot of questions & I still do - What is this Document? What is its purpose? When is Design phase commencing? When is project handover? etc.

4. Quality is key & always comes before quickness! Open all documents to make sure they follow quality procedures. e.g. Are they on the correct template, is the document number correct? Is the status & revision accurate? etc. Do not release items that don't follow procedure. If you see a 'small' mistake - it will lead to more issues if you release it.

5. CRUCIALLY - Document Controllers should not correct document mistakes. The document creator is responsible for their error. They will keep making the same mistakes if you allow for the Document Controller to edit/create documents.

Clear & concise Document Control procedures ensure a better flow of information, which in turn ensures quality operations and timely work. A procedure without enforcement is pointless. Embed your Document Control procedure into your organisation to help ensure every project team member adheres to the procedure from document preparation, approval to distribution, which in turn will deliver higher quality and standard outputs to your client.

Are you struggling to create and implement a Document Control Procedure? Perhaps your Document Control team need further training for your team? Contact Doc Elite for assistance.

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