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'Yes You Can' Finalist!

A few months back, I applied to Women In Business NI's ‘Yes You Can’ pitching competition.’ I was delighted to be one of the 72 shortlisted to pitch for a share of 20k but also so nervous!

That probably sounds daft! I am used to delivering training courses but to pitch my business (my baby) as part of a competition completely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was a bag of nerves two weeks ago at the pitch. I came away feeling pleased that I had said everything I wanted to in the time allocated but also full of self doubt and even questioning why I had applied in the first place.

Turns out I am down to the last 36 finalists! I am through to the final on Tuesday 3rd March in the Tullyglass House Hotel as part of the Annual Female Entrepreneurs conference. I am delighted to be amongst women who have inspired me on this journey and I already feel like I’ve accomplished so much by pushing myself completely out of my comfort zone.

Moral of the story - if there is something that might be a game changer for you, silence the self doubt and go for it.

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